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DetailsTitleReelsU.S. Release DateGenreBrand
ViewTale of Death Valley, A1July 5, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewTale of the Tailor, The1June 23, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewTale of the Ticker, ThesplitNovember 20, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewTalisman, The1March 27, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewTaming a Cowboy1October 9, 1913Western RomanceFlying A
ViewTaming of Sunnybrook Nell, The1September 25, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewTaming of Wild Bill, The2July 7, 1916Western RomanceMustang
ViewTangled Skeins3June 29, 1916RomanceAmerican
ViewTattooed Arm, The1May 1, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewTell Tale Arm*, The1March 10, 1917Reissue
ViewTell-Tale Shells, The1July 18, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewTenderfoot's Roundup, The1January 5, 1911Western ComedyAmerican
ViewTerror of the Twin Mountains1September 27, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewTest, The1November 20, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewThat Country Gal1December 25, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewThat Gal of Burke's2July 28, 1916DramaMustang
ViewThat Sharp Note2October 10, 1916ComedyMutual-Beauty
ViewTheir Hero Son1September 26, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewTheir Masterpiece1January 13, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewTheir Mutual Child6December 1, 1920Comedy-dramaPathe-American
ViewTheir Worldly Goods1August 19, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewThere's Good in the Worst of Us2December 10, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewThief's Wife, The1November 18, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewThinim Stout1June 11, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewThirtieth Piece of Silver, The6May 1, 1920DramaPathe-American
ViewThis Hero Stuff5August 10, 1919ComedyPathe-American
ViewThis is th' Life2August 24, 1914Drama
ViewThis Is the Life3November 13, 1915ComedyMustang
ViewThoroughbred, The5January 17, 1916Social DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewThread of Life, The1May 20, 1912DramaFlying A
ViewThree Daughters of the West, ThesplitOctober 16, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewThree Million Dollars1September 7, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewThree Pals, The5September 15, 1916Comedy-dramaMutual Star Productions
ViewThree Shell Game, The1November 6, 1911WesternFlying A
ViewThrough the Neighbor's Window1September 11, 1913Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewThunderbolt, The1January 21, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewTide in the Affairs of Men1August 18, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewTiger-Lily, The5July 27, 1919DramaPathe-American
ViewTightwad, The1November 3, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewTime and Tide1January 7, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewTin Can Shack, The1December 23, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewTips1March 19, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTo Be or Not to Be1January 8, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTo Err is Human1July 17, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewTo Melody a Soul Responds1July 14, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewTo Rent, Furnished1November 12, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewTom Blake's Redemption 1July 24, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewToo Bad, Eddie1August 13, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewToo Much AuntsplitFebruary 9, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewToo Much Married1February 23, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTorch Bearer, The5September 25, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewTouch of Love, The1April 7, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewTouch on the Key, The2May 8, 1916Drama
ViewTouching Affair, A1December 1, 1910ComedyAmerican
ViewTouring With Tillie1October 26, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewTown of Nazareth, The2March 30, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewTragic Circle, The2December 27, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewTrail of Cards, The1January 9, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewTrail of the Eucalyptus, The1October 26, 1911WesternFlying A
ViewTrail of the Lost Chord, The2November 17, 1913Period DramaFlying A
ViewTrail of the Serpent, The2November 5, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewTrail of the Thief, The3June 1, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewTramp's Gratitude, A1March 21, 1912DramaFlying A
ViewTransgression of Manuel, The1March 8, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewTrap, The2August 10, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewTrapped By Heliograph1December 18, 1914Social DramaFlying A
ViewTrapped in a Forest Fire1December 8, 1913RomanceFlying A
ViewTravelers of the RoadsplitSeptember 20, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewTrixie from Broadway5June 1, 1919DramaPathe-American
ViewTrooper's Heart, AsplitMay 25, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewTroublesome Parcel, AsplitDecember 22, 1910ComedyAmerican
ViewTrue Nobility5March 9, 1916DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewTrue Western Hearts1February 7, 1914Western Drama
ViewTrunk an' Trouble, A1March 29, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTruth in the Wilderness2July 14, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewTruth of Fiction, The2March 8, 1915Western RomanceFlying A
ViewTurning Point, The2March 23, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewTwenty Minutes In Magic1May 21, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTwinkler, The5December 18, 1916Crime DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewTwo Beds and No Sleep1April 30, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTwo Bits2April 7, 1916DramaMustang
ViewTwo GirlssplitMarch 30, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewTwo Hearts and a Thief1December 18, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewTwo Lucky Jims1December 8, 1910Western ComedyAmerican
ViewTwo of a Kind1August 30, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTwo Plucky Girls1April 17, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewTwo Sentences, The2March 15, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewTwo Slips and a Miss1July 12, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewTwo Spot Joe2October 15, 1915WesternMustang