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DetailsTitleReelsU.S. Release DateGenreBrand
ViewMadonna of the Night, The3August 3, 1916Western DramaMutual-American
ViewMadonna, The1June 29, 1915Social DramaBeauty
ViewMaid and the Man, The1April 1, 1912Social DramaFlying A
ViewMaiden and Men1November 4, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewMaking a Man of Johnny1December 21, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewMaking of a Woman, The1October 18, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewMaking Over Father1December 4, 1915Social ComedyBeauty
ViewMaking Pig IronsplitOctober 13, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewMammy's Rose1February 4, 1916Western DramaFlying A
ViewMan Afraid of His Wardrobe3October 2, 1915ComedyMustang
ViewMan from Manhattan, The5May 29, 1916Comedy-dramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewMan From Medicine Hat*, The5January 1, 1921DramaSignal
ViewMan Hunt, The1December 11, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewMan in the Sombrero, The2January 25, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewMan to Man2November 12, 1915DramaMustang
ViewMan Who Came Back, The1April 21, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewMan Who Would Not Die, The5August 31, 1916DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewMan's Calling1November 11, 1912WesternAmerican
ViewMan's Friend, A2June 2, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewMan's Way, A2July 20, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewMantle of Charity, The5November 30, 1918Comedy-dramaPathe-American
ViewMarauders, The1June 27, 1912DramaFlying A
ViewMargy of the Foothills3March 3, 1915WesternMustang
ViewMarine Law1June 21, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewMarked Gun, The1September 4, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewMarriage Bargain*, The5January 1, 1921DramaReissue
ViewMartha's Decision1November 10, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewMasked Heart, The5July 2, 1917Drama
ViewMaster of Himself1September 27, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewMaster of the Vineyard, The1November 23, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewMatches1April 3, 1913Comedy-romanceFlying A
ViewMatchin' Jim2September 8, 1916Western RomanceMustang
ViewMatching Dreams2January 3, 1916Comedy-DramaFlying A
ViewMate of Sally Ann, The5November 26, 1917Comedy-dramaMutual Star Productions
ViewMeddlers, The1August 5, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewMein Lieber Katrina1June 5, 1914ComedyFlying A
ViewMein Lieber Katrina Catches the Convict1July 3, 1914ComedyFlying A
ViewMelissa of the Hills5July 26, 1917DramaMutual-American
ViewMemoriessplitMarch 6, 1911American
ViewMender, The1December 31, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMetamorphosis, The2June 1, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewMexican, The1November 9, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewMidnight Trail, The5February 25, 1918Comedy-dramaMutual Star Productions
ViewMidsummer Love Tangle, A1July 28, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewMidwinter Trip to Los Angeles, A1January 1, 1912DocumentaryAmerican
ViewMighty Hold, The1August 4, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMillion for Mary, A5August 21, 1916ComedyMutual Star Productions
ViewMiner's Wife, The1October 5, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewMiracle of Life, The4October 21, 1915DramaMutual Masterpictures
ViewMirror, The1September 16, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewMisadventures of a Claim Agent, ThesplitJanuary 4, 1912Western ComedyFlying A
ViewMischief and a Mirror1January 23, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewMiser's Policy, The1January 3, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewMiss Jackie of the Army5December 10, 1917DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewMiss Jackie of the Navy5December 11, 1916Comedy-dramaPollard Picture Plays
ViewMission Bells1July 31, 1913RomanceFlying A
ViewMission in the Desert, The1February 2, 1911Western DramaAmerican
ViewMixed Males1October 2, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewMixed Wires1August 25, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMlle. La Mode1April 14, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewModern Free Lance, A2March 16, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewModern Knight, A2June 23, 1916ComedyMustang
ViewModern Othello, A1September 1, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewModern Rip Van Winkle, A2September 29, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewModern Snare, A1May 24, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewModern Sphinx, A3February 15, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewModern Steel Plant, AsplitNovember 20, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewMollie of the Follies5February 15, 1919ComedyPathe-American
ViewMolly Go Get 'Em5January 7, 1918ComedyMutual Star Productions
ViewMollycoddle, The1June 15, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewMoney Isn't Everything5October 5, 1918Comedy-dramaPathe-American
ViewMoney Lender, The1February 14, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewMoonshine Menace*, The5January 1, 1921DramaSignal
ViewMormon, The1January 25, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewMother of the Ranch, The1September 14, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewMother's Busy Day1October 5, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewMotherhood1November 10, 1914DramaBeauty
ViewMotherless Kids, The1September 8, 1914ComedyBeauty
ViewMountain Mary2July 5, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewMouth Organ Jack*1February 24, 1917Reissue
ViewMrs. Brown's BabysplitDecember 21, 1912ComedyFlying A
ViewMrs. Carter's Campaign1September 25, 1913ComedyFlying A
ViewMrs. Cook's Cooking1February 9, 1915Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewMrs. Gaylife's Visitors1January 2, 1911Social ComedyAmerican
ViewMute Witness, The1April 5, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewMy Fighting Gentlemen5March 12, 1917DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewMysterious Eyes, The1September 6, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewMystery of Tusa, The1August 14, 1913DramaFlying A
ViewMyth of Jamasha Pass, The1May 9, 1912Allegorical dramaFlying A