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DetailsTitleReelsU.S. Release DateGenreBrand
ViewCactus Blossom, The2December 31, 1915Western DramaMustang
ViewCalamity Anne - Detective1March 10, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne - Guardian*1November 23, 1916Western DramaReissue
ViewCalamity Anne - Heroine1September 15, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne in Society1January 31, 1914Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne Parcel Post1May 22, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne Takes a Trip1June 26, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Beauty1March 29, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Dream1November 22, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Inheritance1January 11, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Legacy*1February 16, 1917Western DramaReissue
ViewCalamity Anne's Love Affair1May 8, 1914Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's New Job*1February 23, 1917Western ComedyReissue
ViewCalamity Anne's Protege*1March 2, 1917Western ComedyReissue
ViewCalamity Anne's Sacrifice1October 11, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Trust1April 26, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Vanity1February 8, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCalamity Anne's Vanity*1November 30, 1916Western ComedyReissue
ViewCalamity Anne's Ward1September 30, 1912Western DramaAmerican
ViewCalendar Girl, The5October 15, 1917Comedy-dramaMutual Star Productions
ViewCalifornia Love Story, AsplitMay 1, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCalifornia Poultry1June 9, 1913DocumentaryAmerican
ViewCall of the Open Range, The1July 3, 1911Adventure DramaFlying A
ViewCall of the Traumerei, The3March 9, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewCameo of the Yellowstone2July 6, 1914WesternAmerican Distinctive Creation
ViewCanyon Dweller, The1July 25, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewCapture of Rattlesnake Ike*, The1December 2, 1916Western ComedyReissue
ViewCarbon Copy, A1February 28, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewCastle Ranch, The2April 19, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewCats Cash and a Cook Book1September 25, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewCattle Gold and Oil1August 7, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCattle Rustler's End, The1August 3, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCattle Thief's Brand, The1July 27, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCaught in a Tight Pinch1September 22, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewCaves of La Jolla, ThesplitOctober 16, 1911DocumentaryAmerican
ViewCertainty of Man, The1April 1, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewCharge It to Me5May 1, 1919Social ComedyPathe-American
ViewCharity Castle5September 13, 1917Social DramaMutual Star Productions
ViewCheckmatesplitApril 8, 1912ComedyFlying A
ViewChicago Swimming MarathonsplitAugust 24, 1911DocumentaryAmerican
ViewChild of the Desert, A1March 7, 1914Western DramaFlying A
ViewChiquita the Dancer1October 30, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewCircular Fence, The1September 25, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCitizens All2October 9, 1916DramaMutual-American
ViewClaim Jumpers, The1September 21, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewClean-Up, the2December 20, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewClosed at Ten1March 11, 1914Comedy-romanceBeauty
ViewClubman's Wager, The1January 15, 1915ComedyFlying A
ViewCoals of Fire1January 27, 1915Social DramaFlying A
ViewCocoon and the Butterfly2September 14, 1914RomanceFlying A
ViewCode of Honor, The3March 21, 1916WesternFlying A
ViewCollege Chums1March 2, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewCollege Spendthrift, The1February 20, 1911DramaAmerican
ViewComet's Come-Back, The1May 31, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewComing of the Padres, The1March 18, 1914Period DramaFlying A
ViewCompetition1March 17, 1915Comedy-dramaFlying A
ViewComrades Three1August 11, 1915DramaFlying A
ViewConstable's Daughter, The1February 23, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewConverting Dad1August 28, 1914Comedy
ViewConvicted for Murder2June 12, 1916DramaFlying A
ViewCooking His Goose1February 27, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewCounterfeit Earl, The2April 24, 1916DramaAmerican
ViewCourage of SortssplitOctober 13, 1913Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCourtesan, The5May 18, 1916melodramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewCourtin' of Calliope Clew, The2August 11, 1916Western DramaMustang
ViewCourting of Prudence, The1May 19, 1914Comedy-dramaBeauty
ViewCoward, The1April 11, 1912Western DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy and the Artist, The1September 4, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy and the Outlaw, The1October 12, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy Heir, The1February 20, 1913Western DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy's Deliverance, The1July 24, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCowboy's Ruse, ThesplitJune 15, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewCowboy's Sacrifice, A1May 18, 1911Western DramaFlying A
ViewCraving, The5February 26, 1916Social DramaMutual Masterpictures de Luxe
ViewCrazy GulchsplitMay 4, 1911Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCricket on the Hearth2February 16, 1914Period DramaFlying A
ViewCrook's Romance*, A5January 1, 1921DramaSignal
ViewCrooks and Credulous1October 4, 1913Social DramaFlying A
ViewCrucible, The1March 2, 1914DramaFlying A
ViewCrucifixion of Al Brady, The1January 20, 1915Western DramaFlying A
ViewCupid and a Brick*1March 3, 1917Reissue
ViewCupid and a Button*1March 21, 1917ComedyReissue
ViewCupid and a Dresscoat1December 1, 1914Social ComedyBeauty
ViewCupid at Cohen's1March 23, 1916ComedyBeauty
ViewCupid Beats Father1November 27, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewCupid in Chaps1July 10, 1911Western RomanceFlying A
ViewCupid Never Ages1March 24, 1913RomanceFlying A
ViewCupid Takes a Taxi1August 3, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewCupid Through Padlocks1June 6, 1912Western ComedyFlying A
ViewCupid Throws a Brick1April 7, 1913RomanceFlying A
ViewCupid's Pocketbook1April 10, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewCure for Laziness, AsplitApril 3, 1911ComedyAmerican
ViewCuring Father1October 9, 1915ComedyBeauty
ViewCurlew Corliss3March 17, 1916RomanceMustang
ViewCurly3December 11, 1915DramaClipper

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