The Girl in Question

Release Date:   12/9/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Social Drama
Director:   Thomas Ricketts
Confirmed Cast:   William Garwood, Louise Lester, Vivian Rich, Josephine Ditt
Story Summary:

Russell Walton's mother had no objection to his knowing a girl of Marie Boyd's type. In fact, she was sufficiently up-to-date to think it a rather good training for her son - but her choice for Russell's wife, decidedly, was Ethel Roberts. Young Watson has known and loved Ethel since childhood. Marie he had only recently met. Her "good fellow" ways inclined a trifle commonness, but Russell really was infatuated with her, and ashamed to let his mother know it. Mrs. Walton gave a dinner, to which she invited Ethel Roberts and Marie Boyd, with some of her "set." She even went so far as to include Spencer Harrison, an old flame of hers, whom Russell knew only as a rather notorious clubman. The night of the dinner young Walton was frankly ashamed of his mother. But Marie found her "such a good sport." Mrs. Walton drank champagne and smoked cigarettes, and flirted with Harrison until Russell fled to Ethel for solace. The next day, when he remonstrated with his mother, the wise woman replied:

"But, my dear, I thought that was the sort of people you like to associate with."

A few days later, when she saw that Marie's photograph was gone from Russell's desk, she had no regrets for the champagne headache with which she had paid for her son's awakening.

- Moving Picture World, December 1914

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