The Gold Lust

Release Date:   12/21/1911
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Drama
Director:   Allan Dwan
Writer:   Allan Dwan
Story Summary:

Old Jim Briggs was getting old, and although in his work as sheriff he showed no signs of advancing years. However, the day came when a younger man was given his place. Jim, deprived of his livelihood, was compelled to go to his married granddaughter for support. Her husband never liked the sturdy honesty of old Jim, because, perhaps, the husband did some shady things himself that would hardly stand the light of old Jim's honest blue eyes.

Shortly after Jim's retirement, a man was stopped at the point of a gun and robbed, and the man who did the work was none other than Jim's worthless grand-son-in-law. The new sheriff, while able and willing in most cases, failed to capture the thief; so old Jim once more went into harness, affectionately counting six notches in his gun, each one representing a desperado he had killed. Jim took sole charge, and, while rounding a rock alone, came face to face with the robber. The other shot, but not until he had himself received a bullet that caused instant death. Old Jim was carried home and placed in an easy chair on the veranda. Although weak from fatigue and a wound he insisted upon cutting the seventh notch in the old revolver butt.

-Moving Picture World, December 9, 1911, p. 836.

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