A Girl and Two Boys

Release Date:   1/19/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Social Comedy
Director:   Frank Cooley
Writer:   Webster Campbell, ,
Confirmed Cast:   Virginia Kirtley, Joseph Harris, Webster Campbell
Story Summary:

Billy and Jim are old friends, and rivals in love. Billy takes Marion Carroll to the theatre and to supper afterwards. She orders and orders and keeps on ordering, until Billy finds that he hasn’t enough money to foot the bill. Hearing his friend Jim’s voice in the adjoining booth (which, however, Marion cannot hear from her side of the table), he excuses himself for a moment and goes to ask his rival for a loan. Jim is determined to drive a bargain instead. He says he’ll pay for the supper if Billy will let him eat it and

take Marion home. Reluctantly, Billy consents. He fakes a phone call and hurries away. Jim takes Marion home in a taxi, and then is driven to his apartment. There he discovers that he cannot pay the driven. He is arrested and borne off to the police headquarters, whence, he phones Billy to come around and pay his fine. But Billy is sore. Instead, he calls up Marion and gives her the message. But little does he know the girl. She turns up at the station house just before him; drags poor dumbfounded Jim out before his eyes, bundles him into the taxi and whisks him off. Back in his rooms, Billy has a phone call, and Marion, in sweetest tones, announces, “ So good of you to let me know. I got him—and we’re engaged.”

- The Moving Picture World. January 23, 1915. P.562

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