The Greater Strength

Release Date:   5/17/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Henry Otto
Confirmed Cast:   Edward Coxen, Winnifred Greenwood, George Field
Story Summary:

The need of a professional man to live among and care for the physical needs of the miners at Big Creek mines in strongly emphasized the following several accidents in which the first aid methods and willing but crude help of the miners proves to be a great advantage. It is decided to advertise for a practicing physician. In reply there comes a young doctor of great physical strength who is installed as medical advisor. Dr. Hart had recently unintentionally crippled a dear acquaintance in a friendly wrestling bout and is seeking a life which will detract his mind from the incident. He has already made a vow never to use his strength on any occasion except to save life, but he is sorely tempted among the rough and ready characters at the mines.

As usual, the mining camp is possessed of a bully and coward, but strange to say, the man's one honorable thought is for his little child, whom he worshipd above all else in the world. The doctor and the camp's pretty school teacher are naturally drawn together, but their friendship is resented by the bully, who makes insinuating remarks regarding the teacher. Remembering his vow, the doctor allows the bully's utterance to go unchallenged, much to the displeasure of the school teacher, who looks up to him as a protector. However, when diptheria breaks out in camp, the physician proves himself a hero and his greater strength stands by him in more ways than one. The first to be ill with the dread disease is the bully's little child and the man becomes frantic at the thought of losing her. When the doctor arrives he finds that immediate action is needed to save the little life, but the father, remembering his uncalled-for remarks, thinks that the doctor will allow his child to die to get even with him and tries to prevent the use of a serum needle. Realizing that it was a question of life or death to the child, the doctor uses his great strength to quickly overpower and bind the father and injects the serum in time to kill off the deadly germ. News of the doctor's actions reaches the school teacher. She is brought to an understanding that moral strength is far greater than mere physical power, and she nobly seeks the doctor to ask forgiveness.

- Moving Picture World, May 15, 1915

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