The Golden Heart

Release Date:   8/21/1913
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Romance
Writer:   George Cantwell
Confirmed Cast:   Billie West, Robert Grey, George Field, Chester Withey
Story Summary:

The theme of this story has to do with the trials and final success of two young people, a boy and a girl, who leave their homes to join a stampede to a newly discovered mining district. Later they find themselves on the trail facing the necessity of doing for themselves things they have never done before. Next day affiairs run no better with either of them, and the young man, in attempting to make a pie, burns it. As it was impossible to eat this, he nails it to a post in front of his tent and above is placed a sign, "Girl Wanted."

The sign attracts the girl's attention, and, after a little maneuvering, it is agreed that she help him out in his cooking, while he makes himself of use to her in many other ways. Eventually they form a regular woking partnership. The busy days roll by without much success. One day as he is resting on a hillside with a group of fellow prospectors, they slip a lot of loose rock into his pack, and upon arrival at camp he learns why his pack was so heavy. He is tired and out of humor, and it is the girl who first notices that the rock is really gold ore and very rich. They learn from the others where this rock was placed in the pack, and later find the original ledge and locate it. In working their find, and being accustomed to the use of dynamite, they have an accidental explosion in which the boy is injured and is obliged to remain in camp a week or more. Upon their return to the claim, they find two men in possession, who refuse to vacate, and as the explosion has destroyed their location notice, there is no proof of their property.

They return to camp and call a miners' meeting and the entire party return to the claim and in the discussion that takes place, the girl finds a piece of the original notice blown into a crevice of the rocks and the jumpers are forced to relinquish their claim. The boy, in his enthusiasm, takes the girl into his arms, and in the confusion, a grizzly old miner, with a wink, slips a ring off his finger to the boy, who passes it on to the girl, who accepts it. They are married by a justice, move the two tents into one establishment and the final scene shows that evening, two silhouetted figures against the tent walls in fond embrace.

- Moving Picture World, August 1913

Unique Occurrences:

The Library of Congress holds only a five minute remnant of the last known print of this film.

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