The Gamesters

Release Date:   9/1/1920
Distributor:   Pathé
Reels:   6
Brand:   Pathe-American
Genre:   Drama
Director:   George Cox
Writer:   Lois Zellner
Confirmed Cast:   Margarita Fischer, Hayward Mack, Leonard Shumway, Joseph Bennett
Story Summary:

Brad Bascom, part-owner of a gambling parlor in Nevada, suspects his wife Rose of having an affair with his partner, Jim Welch. Jealousy drives him to challenge Welch to a game of poker in which the loser must leave town. Welch loses but abducts Rose, who is about to give birth. When Bascom discovers their whereabouts, he shoots Welch and Rose dies in childbirth, leaving the paternity of her baby daughter Rose in question. Twenty years later, Bascom is running a gambling resort in New York and using Rose to lure in unsuspecting customers. When Marshall Andrews, a man protective of Rose, takes her to visit a grief-stricken mother whose only son Paul has been losing heavily due to his infatuation with Rose, the girl decides to redeem herself. Staking herself against a newcomer at the table, Jim Welch, who does not recognize her, Rose loses and just as Welch is to claim his prize, Bascom announces that Rose is his daughter. Welch denies her illegitimacy, and a fight ensues between the two men. Marshall intercedes and rescues Rose from her sordid life.


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