The Honey Bee

Release Date:   4/1/1920
Distributor:   Pathé
Reels:   6
Brand:   Pathe-American
Genre:   Social Comedy
Director:   Rupert Julian
Writer:   Rupert Julian
Confirmed Cast:   Harvey Clark, Ethel Ullman, Marguerita Sylva, Thomas Holding, Nigel Barrie, Albert Ray, George Hernandez, Dell Boone, Charlotte Merriam, Ruth Maurice, Harry Tenbrook, Kid McCoy,
Story Summary:

Refusing to yield to her love for Harris Doreyn, a married man with an uncaring, frivolous wife, Hilda Wilson departs for Paris where she becomes a successful businesswoman. During a vacation, she meets some American show people, and when one of the women falls ill, Hilda cares for her baby, becoming strongly attached to the infant. While taking care of the child, Hilda is effected by the kindness and devotion of Blink Moran, an American pugilist on the brink of a fight with the French champion. In response to his proposal, Hilda promises to give him an answer after the fight. While watching the bout, Hilda is so overcome by the brutality of Blink's professsion that she flees to London after receiving a telegram from Doreyn. He begs Hilda not to compromise her name, but her dilemma is ended when a cable arrives announcing the death of Doreyn's wife and freeing the lovers to wed.


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