Charge It to Me

Release Date:   5/1/1919
Distributor:   Pathé
Reels:   5
Brand:   Pathe-American
Genre:   Social Comedy
Director:   Roy Neill
Writer:   L. Jefferson, L. Jefferson
Confirmed Cast:   Margarita Fischer, Emory Johnson, Augustus Phillips, L. McKee, Budd Post, Bull Montana, George Swann, J. MacDonald, Sophie Todd
Story Summary:

When newlywed Winnie Davis cannot buy her husband Elmer a birthday present because he insists that she charge everything to his account, she turns their car into a taxi, dons a "chauffeurette" uniform, and has no trouble attracting many male customers. Elmer, already depressed because of the financial squeeze Winnie's jealous former suitor Howard Weston is putting on him, flies into a rage when he finds in his house four of Winnie's customers, who had come bearing gifts after Winnie had asked their opinions on a nice birthday gift. The police trace one of the men, burglar "Corkscrew" McGann, to the house and haul everyone off to jail when they find stolen dressing gowns and silverware. Later Winnie gets Weston to admit that he tried to ruin Elmer and then to repair the financial damage. Winnie explains everything, everyone comes to Elmer's party, and Winnie now opens a charge account of her own.


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