The Intrusion of Isabel

Release Date:   4/15/1919
Distributor:   Pathé
Reels:   5
Brand:   Pathe-American
Genre:   Comedy-drama
Director:   Lloyd Ingraham
Writer:   Joseph Poland, Joseph Poland
Confirmed Cast:   Mary Minter, Alan Forrest, Margaret Shelby, George Periolat, Carl Stockdale, J. Jones, Lucretia Harris, Mary Land
Story Summary:

Isabel and Bert Trevor, forced to sell their family's Southern home when their father dies bankrupt, come to New York. After many disappointments, Bert finally finds work as a valet to wealthy, young Jack Craig, though he tells Isabel he is Craig's partner. One night, while Craig is drunk, Bert discovers a roll of bills in his pocket and takes the money. Fearing arrest, Bert goes to Montana, where he secures a good job. Not knowing where Bert went, Isabel and Mammy move into what they think is Bert's half of Craig's house. Craig, kindheartedly, allows them to remain, and falls in love with Isabel, even though his sister disapproves and an adventuress, Lois Randall, claims he signed a marriage license during a wild wine party. When Bert returns, he sees Randall exposed by Craig's brother-in-law, a prosecuting attorney, as "Marrying Mary," purveyor of similar previous matrimonial schemes. Craig discreetly accepts Bert's apologies and repayment, and then marries Isabel.


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