Where the West Begins

Release Date:   3/1/1919
Distributor:   Pathé
Reels:   5
Brand:   Pathe-American
Genre:   Western
Director:   Henry King
Writer:   Jules Furthman, Jules Furthman
Confirmed Cast:   William Russell, Eileen Percy, Carl Stockdale, Alfred Ferguson, J. Landis, Frederick Vroom
Story Summary:

New York millionaire Luther Caldwell encourages Cliff Redfern, the foreman of his Montana ranch, to take his twenty-four-year-old son Ned out West to cure Ned's ennui, which led him to announce that he wants to die. Caldwell's daughter Prudence, who thinks that Redfern is uncouth, helps Ned avoid him, but after Redfern enters a fashionable restaurant, lassoes Ned, and drags him to a train, Prudence and her father follow. While Redfern reads a book on etiquette to polish his manners, Ned, excited by Redfern's stories, emerges from his gloom. For Ned's benefit, Redfern wires McCann on the ranch to stage a fake cattle rustling scene when they arrive, but McCann uses the opportunity to steal the herd and blame Redfern. When Prudence denounces Redfern, he pulls her onto his horse and rides off to trail the thieves. After McCann is caught and confesses, Redfern lassoes Prudence from the platform of a train bound for New York, and they marry.


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