Mollie of the Follies

Release Date:   2/15/1919
Distributor:   Pathé
Reels:   5
Brand:   Pathe-American
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Edward Sloman
Confirmed Cast:   Margarita Fischer, Jack Mower, J. MacDonald, Lule Warrenton, Millard Webb, Mary Wise
Story Summary:

Molly Malone dances at a Coney Island sideshow to attract crowds. She loves Joe Holmquist, "The Human Submarine," as does Molly's mother Kate, the "Mystic Hindu Seeress." One day while dancing, Molly's slipper hits the eye of an admirer, who identifies himself as Chauncy Ewing. After arousing Joe's jealousy, Molly turns down Chauncy's proposal, because she still loves Joe, but when she sees Joe in a forced embrace with Kate, Molly elopes with Chauncy to his wealthy Aunt Henrietta's vacant Brooklyn home, planning to marry the next day. When Joe arrives and fights Chauncy, Molly makes Joe leave, but realizing she still loves him, cries herself to sleep in Aunt Henrietta's bed, while Chauncy sleeps in the garage. That night, Molly catches a burglar and traps him in a closet. After Aunt Henrietta arrives the next morning and finds Molly in her bath, she identifies the burglar as Chauncy, and Molly's admirer as the chauffeur. Kate then relinquishes Joe to Molly, they marry, and open a delicatessen shop.


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