The Amazing Impostor

Release Date:   2/2/1919
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   5
Brand:   Mutual Star Productions
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Lloyd Ingraham
Writer:   Joseph Poland, Frank Clark
Confirmed Cast:   Edward Jobson, John Gough, D. Mitsoras, Margaret Shelby, George Periolat, Henry Barrows, Alan Forrest, Mary Minter, Carl Stockdale
Story Summary:

Joan Hope, the romantic daughter of a chewing gum magnate, is shamed by the vulgarity of her father's profession. On a train trip, she encounters the Countess of Crex, a Russian noblewoman. Dazzled by her title and unaware that the countess is really a jewel thief, Joan agrees to change places with her by exchanging checkbooks and purses. As a result, Joan finds herself in possession of the countess' booty, a diamond necklace, while the countess holds in its place a box of gum. In her role of the Countess of Crex, Joan is pursued by a gang led by Robert La Rue, who wants the necklace, by Ike and Mike, two Bolshevik agents who demand secret "papers," and by Kent Standish, an amateur detective who falls in love with her. When all converge on Joan's hotel, the crooks are arrested. Joan's true identity is made known, and she and Kent plan to marry.


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