The Gentle Intruder

Release Date:   1/22/1917
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   5
Brand:   Mutual Star Productions
Genre:   Drama
Director:   James Kirkwood
Writer:   Clifford Howard
Confirmed Cast:   Mary Minter, George Fisher, Eugenia Forde, Franklin Ritchie, Harvey Clark
Story Summary:

Upon his death, Sylvia's uncle leaves his fortune to her with the stipulation that her inheritance be administered by his attorney, Mr. Baxter. Baxter, who is struggling under the burden of supporting his social climbing wife and daughter, decides to appropriate the funds for himself. To earn her living, Sylvia accepts a domestic position in the Baxter household where her gentle influence gradually brings Arnold Baxter back from his road to dissipation. Finally cognizant of his family's shallowness and selfishness, Arnold discovers that his father has been living on Sylvia's funds. He forces his father to give Sylvia what is rightfully hers, and the Baxter family, horror stricken at the thought of losing their fortune, beg Sylvia's forgiveness. Kindhearted Sylvia insists upon sharing her property with them, forcing the Baxters to confront their own shortcomings, and all ends happily as Sylvia not only reforms the Baxters but becomes one of them herself with her marriage to Arnold.


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