The Genius

Release Date:   1/30/1911
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   1
Brand:   American
Genre:   Social Drama
Confirmed Cast:   Jack Kerrigan, Adriene Kroell, Dot Farley
Story Summary:

John Smith has devoted the best years of his life to an invention which he firmly belives will revolutionize the engineering world. His efforts to bring the people likely to be interested to his way of thinking have reduced him to a state of abject poverty, but never for a moment has it shaken his faith in the value of his invention nor soured his happy optimistic nature.

Day after day he makes the weary round, hugging close to his breast his precious plans and each day getting nearer and nearer to the jumping off place, only to return each night to his garret near the roof, tired and footsore, but never discouraged. At last his efforts in the search for consideration are rewarded and Howard Livingston, a wealthy civil engineer, is interested to the extent of granting him an interview. He has adopted a family of waifs, as happy and hungry as he himself is and shares with them his “ Chambers near the roof” and the few crusts he manages to absorb. He takes them with him when he goes to the rich man’s house to expiate on the wonders of his life’s work. He is kindly received by the daughter of the house, who, womanlike, at once recognizes the nobility of the character the shabby coat cannot hide. The children are taken care of and he is delicately offered the food he so much needs. His pride won’t allow him to accept any well-meant hospitality, but the close proximity of real food is too much for his impoverished constitution and he collapses in a dead faint. In this unconscious condition his would-be benefactor’s partner robs him of his precious plans. He is discovered by the daughter and duly revived but when asked by her father to produce his documents, finds that they have vanished. He is denounced as an imposter and leaves the house dazed and heartbroken.

He wanders the streets all night and is found by a friendly policeman early the next morning asleep on a park bench. He is taken to what he is pleased to call his home. In the meantime, however, the kind fates have not neglected him. The unscrupulous partner was seen taking the plans from the fellow’s pockets and is denounced. They are returned to their owner by Livingston who, realizing their value, is pleased to offer Smith employment and a just share in the profits.

- Moving Picture World, 1911

Unique Occurrences:

This film was produced at the Chicago studio.

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