The Girl From His Hometown

Release Date:   8/5/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   4
Brand:   Mutual Masterpictures
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Harry Pollard
Writer:   Marie Van Vorst
Confirmed Cast:   Margarita Fischer, Beatrice Van, Joseph Singleton, Fred Gamble, Elliott Griffin, Joseph Harris, Robyn Adair
Story Summary:

Dan Blair, a retired cattle magnate's son, is one of the many youths of Red Rock, Montana who is attracted to soda water-stand operator Sarah Townley. One day, Dan partakes of six chocolate sodas in succession. When an operatic impresario, forced to stay in town overnight, hears Sarah sing at a church social, he signs her to be trained to become a diva. Three years later, after Dan's father has died, Dan visits Lord Galore, a family friend, in London and becomes involved with the Duchess of Breakwater, who, although she loves the lord, needs Dan's money. Dan hears the famous Letty Lane sing and recognizes Sarah. Although Dan courts Sarah, when he thinks that she loves Prince Ponitowsky of Russia, he proposes to the duchess. After he sees the duchess embrace Lord Galore, however, he breaks the engagement, to Sarah's relief. Joshua Ruggles, the friend and partner of Dan's father, arrives to look after Dan. After he falsely tells Sarah that Dan is broke and proposes to Sarah himself, he sees Sarah's true love for Dan and allows them to marry.


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