The Gambler's Lost Love

Release Date:   9/1/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Mustang
Genre:   Western Romance
Director:   Murdock MacQuarrie
Confirmed Cast:   Jack Richardson, Lizette Thorne, William Marshall, Queenie Rosson
Story Summary:

Married, Helen finds herself most unhappy. Jim, her husband, is a gambler, and almost since the day of their wedding has abused her. She calls to mind the man to whom she was previously engaged - Tom; their petty quarrel, how she had waited for him at the oak tree where they were accustomed to meet, and he failed to come. There is a hollow in the oak, and in this they exchanged notes. But, extending her hand into the crevice, her fingers failed to find the note that he had left, asking forgiveness, and telling her that he had gone up into the hills, to a locality where gold has just been discovered, but that he will return as soon as possible. Then she met Jim, and married him. He began to bully her, as he bullied all with whom he came in contact.

Homeward bound one day, Jim comes across a girl who fascinates him. He learns that she is a widow, and soon Helen hears of her husband's infatuation. Finally she tells him that there is only one thing to do, and that is for her to get a divorce. This he heartily agrees to, and she obtains the divorce. Jim is now free to marry the widow, Tina, and this he does.

Tom returned from the mountains some time previous, and learning of Helen's marriage to Jim, had gone back up into the hills without seeing her. About this time Helen, coming to the trysting place where she and Tom met, through curiosity puts her hand into the hollow of the oak, and this time brings from it the note that Tom left for her. This just as Tom is again coming from the hills; they meet. Her love is apparently revived, and again they plan to marry.

Jim has trouble at the gambling hall, and in an argument wounds a fellow gambler. He starts homeward, and arriving there finds that a child has been born to him, and that Tina is dead. Back at the gambling hall, the men determine that Jim has bullied the town long enough, and decide to teach him a lesson. But arriving at his home, and learning conditions, they leave without molesting him.

Helen hears of the situation at Jim's house and concludes that she must help him. She comes to his home, and, taking the baby from him, brings it to the cabin where she lives. Jim's lesson has hit home, and the gamblers learn to their amazement that he is through with games of chance. Moreover, he seems to have lost his bullying ways. Tom also hears of this, and tells the news to Helen.

Tom is at Helen's cabin one night, and is urging Helen to marry him. He takes in the situation, and crossing over to the baby's home-made cradle, he kneels down by it. Helen answers Tom's proposal with a negative shake of her head - and he leaves. She crosses over to Jim and stands by him. It is very evident that he has reformed, and it is evident too, as the picture fades, and he is asking her forgiveness, that they are to be remarried.

- Moving Picture World, September 9, 1916

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