Gamblers in Greenbacks

Release Date:   7/29/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Archer McMackin
Confirmed Cast:   Carol Holloway, John Sheehan, John Steppling, Dick Rosson
Story Summary:

Jed Smithers was the country boy who had knocked them dead in New York with his famous art. He had become the social lien overnight, but work was bearing on his tired brain and nothing seemed to please him. In his studio he carelessly swung his brush on the canvas, in spite of the beautiful model on the pedestal, he could not get to going right. She tried to soothe him, but Jed was plumb disgusted and decided to go out into the "wilderness" of a city park.

"Hop" Jonsin was a big politician, whose side graft was making spurious greenbacks. Hop had swung a big deal for his crook pals. Hop's daughter, Grace, had been selected as the model to go on paper money. Hop had engineered the deal himself and felt that it should be easy to dope up bum currency when he had the model right in his house. His pals were overjoyed, but not his daughter. She told him she was going out for a stroll; but Hop was wise and sent Slim Jim, who, by the way, loved Grace, to shadow her.

When Jed sat in the park and saw Grace being bothered by Slim, he came to the rescue. He invited her to his studio for tea. Slim shadowed them. When he had found where Grace had gone, he rushed back to Hop's and told him. Hop smiled, for he knew that Jed would be inspired and paint the girl's picture. Whey not let him and then - steal the painting and get back the girl.

Jed was inspired with Grace and demanded that she pose for him. When the picture was finished, Hop and his gang stole the picture and the girl. Like a bolt from the clear sky came a clew. Jed had painted a picture for Cheops, a meat magnate, who paid him with currency he had that day taken in at the counter. Jed took one look at the face on the greenback and rushed to the police station. Here he was informed that the greenback was spurious, since the issue had not yet been put out by the government. Investigations were made and the police located Hop's joint.

The raid on the place was made. Grace took refuge in a closet. The crooks were overpowered and rushed out- but Jed had been floored and lay immovable on the table. Grace crept from her hiding place and discovered her artist lover! She revived him and he pressed his suit, but Grace refused to allow him to marry the daughter of a counterfeiter and a crook. They were thinking it over when Jed's hand touched a secret spring and he opened a cache that let a black box fall on his head. The contents scattered all about. Jed discovered a document and read it. It was the will of Jiminithin Simkins, stating that "Hop" Jonsin should take of little Grace Simpkins! - conclusive proof that Grace was not "Hop's" child. The lovers embrace as the feature ends.

- Moving Picture World, August 5, 1916

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