The Gink Lands Again

Release Date:   7/9/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Orral Humphrey
Writer:   Al Santell, Al Santell
Confirmed Cast:   Orral Humphrey, Joseph Massey, Eric Jacobs, Josephine Taylor, Guy Lundy
Story Summary:

When the big hay-dray drops its load of alfalfa on the outskirts of the city one would not think that anything had happened, but when the enormous load of hay stirs, moves and parts - and the Gink from Kankikee looks out one might suspect something. But the Gink is sleepy, and he merely turns over and starts to snooze. Slick Sandy and his gang are in the immediate vicinity. They spot the haystack and decide that it would be a great place to hold their conference. The gang talks over the coming haul, which is to be made on the city bank, and the Gink hears them.

The city bank of Wayville is presidented by a woman, one Marcia Grasse, a widow by request. Marcia is much sought after and one of the best "soughters" she has is Slick Sandy. Sandy and Marcia are just stepping into a large touring car when the Gink, while looking for her house, strolls in. He spots the villain with his victim and realizes that he has no mean crook to contend with. When he sees that the butler in the household is another of the crooks he sees that he has a problem to deal with.

Gaining an entrance into the house, he waylays the butler and assumes his position. When Marcia returns from her jaunt, accompanied by Sandy, she and he are both surprised to find a new butler. She accepts the explanation that the other butler had been called away and had sent this man to take his place, but Sandy figures deeply and thinks that if he can frame up something on the Gink that looks crooked to Marcia, he will have the Gink at his mercy. Straightway he takes some household silver and places them in the Gink's pocket, but the Gink is wise and when Sandy accuses him in front of Marcia there is no proof to the accusation - but silver is found in Sandy's pocket - put there by the Gink, Marcia is dumbfounded and orders Sandy from the house.

But the Gink has more exposures to make. Hetells her of the conference at the haystack and informs her that Sandy is the head of a desperate band of crooks who are planning to rob the bank that very night. The Gink persuades Marcia to leave the matter in his hands.

The Gink is in the bank when the crooks try to get in, and as each of the two henchmen come through the window the Gink makes them captive. Sandy, who is waiting on the outside of the open window, is himself made captive by having done his work, pens a little note and leaves. Marcia is worried over the affair and calls up the police. With them she rushes to the bank where the crooks are found and arrested. Marcia reads the Gink's note, a pretty thing about watching one's business and leaving love by the wayside.

- Moving Picture World, July 15, 1916

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