The Gink from Kankikee

Release Date:   7/2/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Orral Humphrey
Writer:   Al Santell, Al Santell
Confirmed Cast:   Orral Humphrey, John Gough, Lucille Ward, Joseph Massey
Story Summary:

The Gink from Kankikee steps forth from the coldness of a refrigerator car, decked for Eskimo weather, when the local freight train pulls into the station. The Gink discovers a brook and immediately goes there to perform his toilette. Imknott Hepp, a concilman aspiring to the mayoralty, awaits the coming of his constituents, who are about to discuss his nomination. His daughter, Lichten, awaits only one of them - Hugo Tistick, a ward boss, who affects affection for Lichten merely for political reasons. Tistick's arrival is followed by a conference, but before the ward boss will give his consent, he desires private conference with the prospective candidate.

The Gink from Kankikee finishes his ablutions, hides his traveling portfolio, and goes out in search of excitement. When he passes the home of Hepp and hears loud voices followed by gesticulating silhouettes on the window shade, he listens. So he learns that Tistick offers Hepp his support providing Hepp gives him a corner on the Ant-paste industry and guarantees his option by also giving him his daughter. The Gink is appalled and sees the quavering Hepp about "to sign the fatal papers." The Gink suddenly stepped through the window and told Hepp that he would see him elected even if Tistick didn't like it. Tistick leaves, swearing vengeance.

Thereafter the Gink enters the home life of Hepp. Lichten thinks him a mere "Butt-in" and will noot favor him with a smile. The Gink goes into the forest to rest his troubled head on the bosom of Nature. The Gink overhears Tistick planting a "hole" for him between two famous landmarks. The Gink waits to hear the full plot and when the plotters leave he steals out and moves the landmarks. On his arrival home he receives a mysterious letter informing him that if he would come to the two landmarks he would receive information that would be exceedingly valuable to him. He merely smiles and awaits developments.

That eve the villain goes to the forest to see if he has snared his victim, and while looking for the landmarks falls into the grave he dug for another. Here he raves while the Gink informs Hepp that his only rival is safe in the bosom of Mother Earth. Lichten overhears the assertion and goes out to look for her supposed lover. She falls into the "hole." The councilmen's meeting is held without Tistick and Hepp is nominated for mayor. The Justice of the Peace goes to report the news to the local paper and while jogging through the forest he, too, falls into the pit.

Tistick forces the Justice to perform a hasty marriage ceremony, figuring that as a son-in-law he can force Hepp into any agreement. But at home Lichten is missed, and the Gink, fearing the truth, leads the mob through the forest to the "hole" where they are just in time to stop the ceremony. Hepp endeavors to make the rescued Lichten see the sacrifice that the Gink has made, but she snubs him and he leaves. He returns to his former manner of living.

- Moving Picture World, July 8, 1916

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