The Guy Upstairs

Release Date:   7/6/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Archer McMackin
Confirmed Cast:   Webster Campbell, Neva Gerber, William Carroll, Lucille Ward, Rea Berger, Carl Von Schiller , William Eason, Harry Edmondson, Hugh Bennett
Story Summary:

Larry Trelawney, son of rich and aristocratic parents, is a victim of the idea that he is a pugilist, and his associates are the tawdry hangers on of the fighting fraternity. Things have come to such a pass that Larry is ordered to remove his friends from the Trelawney homestead, which has grown to resemble a fighter's camp. Larry receives the offer of a fight, and he and his rowdy companions set up training quarters at Opalhurst. He receives warning from one G. M. Cranston, an author, that the writer will retain two rooms on the second floor of the establishment, and will contest the pugilistic presence. The big trainer goes to "t'row out dat Cranston guy," but when Larry and his party see the big fellow come rolling down head over heels down the stairs, they are filled with deep respect for G.M. Cranston. That night two ghosts invade the sleeping quarters of the trainers and the others. There is a wild scramble and Larry is left to train alone for the coming battle. He is running along a country road when he falls and turns his ankle painfully.

Meanwhile Cranston, the author, is busy at work on a novel. Larry is confined to his bed for a time, and the girl who helped him on the day of the accident is nursing him through his trouble. Larry at length is recovered, and deeply in love with Shirley, his pretty sympathizer. Then Cranston receives a message from Larry's father to the effect that a huge sum of money will be forthcoming if Cranston can induce Larry to forget his prize fighter aspirations. Larry decides to throw Cranston out, and sets about it at once. Imagine his surprise when he comes upon Shirley in the room the author occupied. "Where is Cranston?" he demands. "I am Cranston," comes the demure reply. Larry is astounded. Then and there he declares his love, and is accepted on the condition that he discard his fistic aspirations. He agrees, and he and Georgia Cranston claim the reward that Father Trelawney offered.

- Moving Picture World, July 3, 1915

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