The Grubstake Mortgage

Release Date:   2/8/1912
Distributor:   Motion Picture Distribution & Sales Company
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Drama
Director:   Allan Dwan
Writer:   Allan Dwan
Confirmed Cast:   Pauline Bush, Jack Kerrigan, Jack Richardson
Story Summary:

Jack Burton, a young mining engineer, is in love with the foreman's daughter. She loves another suitor, Jim Blake, a young proprietor. Failing to find any promising prospects, Jim salts a prospect hole he has been digging and invites the old foreman to investigate it. The old man finds it bearing quartz, and readily agrees to mortgage his little home to grub stake the proprietor share and share alike. He asks his employer for the money and as his home is clear he readily takes a mortgage on it and gives the foreman the money.

Jim takes the money. Then came an accident. The old foreman is caught in a blast and killed. Then comes a note from the superintendent of the Face Quartz Mining Co., informing her that the mortgage on her little home is past due. She goes to the mine and offers her share in the claim for an extension of the mortgage. The superintendent offers to investigate the claim and if found valuable to cancel the mortgage on the home. He sent the young engineer to investigate it; but it was found to be of no value. Jack returns to the girl and she tells him to go to his employer and report the truth. Quick to act in all things the superintendent summons the sheriff and evicts the orphan girl from her home.

In the meantime Jack has hurried to the bank and drawn out his balance. He arrived at his sweetheart's home too late to prevent the eviction, for she has already gone. His savings are just enough to pay the mortgage, which he takes up and then hurries to seek her. She wanders to the prospect hole. Jack im Blake finds her and gloating over her loss, tells her that it is Jack Burton's fault that she is homeless. Jack comes up and enraged to hear abuse given his sweetheart, he flings Jim from the girl. In a flight that follows Jim loses his balance and falls to his death in the hole. Jack leads his sweetheart back to her home and when she tells him it is hers no longer, he takes the canceled mortgage from his pocket and slowly tears it up. Then they turn to face a new future--together. -Moving Picture World, February 3, 1912, p. 426.

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