The Gulf Between

Release Date:   5/12/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   2
Brand:   Mustang
Genre:   Adventure Drama
Director:   William Bertram
Confirmed Cast:   Perry Banks, King Clark, Queenie Rosson, Charles Newton, Larry Peyton
Story Summary:

An old trapper is seated by the fireplace of his cabin high up in the mountains. A man who has been stopping with him has gone for a supply of provisions and is not expected to return until late that night. Jim hears a woman’s shriek. He goes out to look.

In the moonlight a woman is struggling fiercely with a man. The man trips over a long and falls, and the woman flees from him. She runs into Jim’s arms and faints. He carries her to his cabin and after she has revived she tells him her story.

Her father has taken to counterfeiting, having as his partner Jim Hilman who has been a suitor for her hand, but whom she despised. There came to the mountains a forest inspector, Ed. She saw the reflection of an approaching man in the water, and this was her first meeting with Ed. Their friendship increased until one day she heard her father and Pete discussing the stranger, agreeing that he must be a secret service man, and concluding that he must be gotten out of the way. A little later, while walking together, her father and Pete spotted Ed, and Pete sent a shot at him. But the bullet missed and dropping into the underbrush. Ed returned arm. At their cabin she was told that Ed had shot her father from ambush. She seized a rifle and found him seated under the tree. Almost hysterical she had raised her gun to fire when something stopped her. Day by day she had been watching a bird’s nest in the tree of her swing. And now the eggs had hatched, and one of the young birds had fallen from the nest and into Ed’s lap below. If she fired at Ed as he was fondling the bird, the fledging might be killed also. She came up to him, covered him with her gun and forced him to accompany her back to the cabin. But Pete and her father had fled, and Ed had only fired in self-defense.

They were married and went to the city to live. One day Pete, who had come to the city, chanced across their home. In a scheme to get her back to the mountains he told her that her father was dying and wished to see her at once. This news broke her up completely, so much so that she was unaware of the fact that Pete had taken the liberty to put his arms around her. At this point Ed returned. Without a word Ed left, and when she endeavored to get to the door to call him back and explain, Pete forcibly prevented her.

Believing Pete’s story, she accompanied him back to the mountains, only to learn that she had been fooled. She fled, with Pete following her closely. Night struggled and when he fell she fled into Jim’s arms.

Meantime, out in the woods, Pete has been endeavoring to find the girl. Finally, he spots the cabin and coming to it sees her inside with Jim. Determined now to have her at any cost, he is about to shoot through the window when the man who has been stopping with Jim and who had gone for provisions returned and prevented him. Jim and the girl rush outside as they hear the fighting. But Pete is overpowered, and as the girl looks to her rescuer she recognizes her husband.

- Exhibitors Herald, May 20, 1916

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