Release Date:   3/18/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   5
Brand:   Mutual Masterpictures de Luxe
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Jack Halloway
Writer:   J. Hungerford, L. Jefferson
Confirmed Cast:   William Stowell, Perry Banks, Warren Ellsworth, Rhea Mitchell, Sylvia Ashton, George Ahern, Estelle Allen, John Prescott, George Bailey, Madeline Fordyce, John Farrell
Story Summary:

Bettina Warren inherits a construction camp, and when she arrives to inspect it, she brings her lawyer, Walter Daniels, who has been entrusted with its operation until Bettina gets married. Instantly asserting himself as the boss, Walter dismisses the popular foreman, Herbert "Overalls" Drew, and replaces him with the alcoholic Buck Finnegan. The workers grumble about the change in leadership, and Bettina, too, is distressed, because she has fallen in love with Overalls. Finally, the men rebel against the roughneck tactics of Buck and his cronies, and reinstate Overalls as the foreman, after which he and Bettina once again begin the romance that seemingly had been cut short by the firing.


Unique Occurrences:

During production the crew took advantage of the fact that a recent storm near Point Concepcion had damaged the Southern Pacific right of way and a large steam shovel was at work. Use of the shovel was negotiated and a scene was written in which Rhea Mitchell was scooped up by the machine and dropped into the arms of Bill Stowell.

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