The Gay Blade's Last Scrape

Release Date:   3/9/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Archer McMackin
Confirmed Cast:   Carol Holloway, John Sheehan
Story Summary:

Mrs. Halloway is determined that Carol shall marry to Lord Phoppie, even though Carol doesn't want to. George Rosebush is in love with Belle, lady barber, and just as soon as he can find a job, Belle says she will marry him. So George, seeing an ad for a valet, sets out to "land the job."

Lord Phoppie sends out invitations for an afternoon tea, at which his engagement to the unwilling Carol is to be announced. George appears at his apartment, applies for the position advertised and gets it. However, in attempting to shave his master, his thoughts stray to Belle, but he is rudely brought back to life by Lord Phoppie's indignant tones, and banished forthwith. Lord Phoppie then telephones the first barber shop he finds listed and orders a barber sent up. It so happens that he gets a lady barber shop on the phone, and Belle is commissioned to do the job.

In the apartment adjoining Lord Phoppie's, lives a police captain and his wife. He mistakes his wife's amusement at Phoppie's half-shaved condition for a flirtation, as is the way with jealous husbands. Belle, hurrying to Phoppie's apartment, bumps into George, who tells her he has a position. She tells him she will marry him at 3 o'clock at the shop and he goes to make arrangement while she proceeds on her way.

The guests start coming, and Phoppie, forgetting his predicament, starts entertaining. When Belle arrives he mistakes her for another guest and she is introduced to the others. Finally, getting nervous, she whispers to Phoppie and gets him into the bedroom, to the horror of Carol and her mother. She takes out her razor and poor Phoppie believes his end is near. He throws a sponge at her and when she falls he believes he has killed her and locks the door.

George, all ready for the wedding, comes to the barber shop, and when he learns that Belle has gone to shave Lord Phoppie, he believes his boss is trying to steal his girl, and rushes to the apartment. Phoppie escapes via the fire escape, to the next apartment, and hides in the bed with the dressmaking form which the captain's wife had put there to cure her jealous husband. The police captain returns with a revolver to spy on his wife and demands to know who is in the bed. When he discovers Phoppie, she is the most surprised of the three. Belle revives and departs with George and Phoppie loses out all 'round.

- Moving Picture World, March 11, 1916

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