The Guiding Light

Release Date:   6/4/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Genre:   Drama
Director:   Henry Otto
Confirmed Cast:   Winnifred Greenwood, Edward Coxen, George Field, Alonzo Moraga
Story Summary:

The secluded life of Robert, a sturdy young light-house keeper and his wife Anna, is interrupted by a visit from a stranger, Harry Nelson, a sportsman and novelist, in search of adventure. The sportsman is given a hearty welcome and, while Robert goes to catch a mess of fish for dinner, Anna entertains the stranger with a tour of the lighthouse and the jagged cliffs surrounding it. In return Nelson tells the wife stories of his life in the city with all its gayety and excitement. After a homely but tasteful meal, enlivened by the stranger's conversation, the time for parting comes with regret to all concerned, and wishes for future meetings. Anna especially realizes that an event has happened in her lonely life as she watches Nelson go from her desolated island home.

Some few days later the young husband is compelled to row to the mainland for provisions, and during his absence Nelson again visits the lighthouse, this time with the definite intention of spending a few hours in the company of the keeper's wife. Anna also expresses pleasure at seeing the gentlemanly sportsman again and, although her husband is absent, listens to his veiled lovemaking, until she is carried away with his promises of a life of enjoyment and travel in the world's amusement and recreation centers, and agrees to accompany him. As the trim little yacht pulls anchor Anna has a change of heart and begs her companion to take her back at least long enough to tend the guiding light until her husband returns, but this Nelson refuses to do. His refusal brings the erring wife to the realization of her mistake and without further words she risks her life in a daring swim to the rocky island growing faint in the distance. Staggering to the light she has hardly enough strength to light the lamp, but finally succeeds and as the powerful rays light up the treacherous reefs, she discovers her husband's dory driven by the white-capped sea to sure destruction. Gathering what strength she has left the now frantic wife hurries to that part of the shore, where her husband is fighting for life and arrives just in time to rescue him.

- Moving Picture World, May 29, 1915

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