Getting in Wrong

Release Date:   1/15/1916
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Jack Dillon
Confirmed Cast:   Neva Gerber, William Carroll, Lucille Ward, Jack Dillon
Story Summary:

By clever connivance, Tom and Alice, who are sweethearts, induce their respective families to take up their abode in the same apartment house. Alice lives with her father, a tippling and wrinkled Civil war veteran, while Jack dwells with a spinster aunt, who also is partial to liquid stimulant somewhat stronger than grape juice.

The major proceeds to decorate his new home with his swords and guns and war medals. Alice hangs up her dance program, while in the adjoining flat Tom places his loving cups in artistic juxtaposition and auntie places in prominent view many ribbons and other prizes that her feline entrants have captured at the cat shows.

The major returns from his club decidedly the worse for alcoholic wear and tear. His daughter has gone to the movies with the neighbors, Tom and auntie. The major sees two similar keyholes - two of everything in fact, and staggers into the wrong apartment. He notices the absence of his swords and other war relics. His heavy iron safe, too, is not in its accustomed place. So he summons a policeman. "The two this time enter the right apartment and there are the major's cherished possessions. He and the officer partake of a wee nip, when Alice and her friends return. He introduces the bluecoat as a "club friend of mine."

Later there is another mixup. The major, fearing robbers, girds himself with sword and pistol, and begins shooting at imaginary intruders. He and auntie meet. She helps the major look for his lost door key. The two soon are holding hands, and when Tom and Alice arrive, the betrothal of the silly old folks is announced. Then Tom springs a coupe, and introduces Alice as his fiance. There is surprise all round, and romance emerges triumphant, and all ends in love and kisses.

- Exhibitor's Herald, January 1, 1916

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