Blue Knot - King of Polo

Release Date:   6/24/1914
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Social Drama
Director:   Thomas Ricketts
Writer:   W. MacKinstry
Confirmed Cast:   Winnifred Greenwood, Edward Coxen, George Field, Edith Borella, Ida Lewis, William Bertram, John Steppling, Elmer Boeseke
Story Summary:

Jimmy Karr, lover of horses, and held in his family as a ne’re-do-well, because of the constant deficiency of his budget, on account of the costliness of his string of ponies, attends an auction of horses. He makes a real find in an unpromising looking horse and making a part payment, hurries home to raise the balance of the purchase price. The family of Benefeils, including a charming daughter, Beatrice, a sweetheart of Jimmy’s, runs down from the city on a week-end to attend the polo game.

Jimmy’s brother, Stephen, is a rival for the hand of Beatrice and finding small favor in her eyes, becomes unprincipled and unsportsmanlike. When Jimmy approaches his brother for a loan to buy Blue Knot, Stephen exposes his brother’s lack of business ability to Beatrice’s father and the father at once opposes the match between Jimmy and his daughter, Beatrice. Jimmy’s family purposely slight Jimmy in entertaining their friends, a fact which only arouses sympathies of Beatrice.

Elmer Boeseke, a friend, loans Jimmy enough money to make up part of the difference and Beatrice, overhearing the conversation, buys an interest in Blue Knot. Beatrice knowing her father to be a lover of horses and “ of horse soups,” assures Jimmy that if Blue Knot turns out to be a winner, all oppositions on the father’s part will be swept away and their marriage will have his entire consent. Fearing this, Stephen picks a row with Jimmy, and breaks his arm, thereby disabling him from being able to ride in the pole game. The friend, Elmer Boeseke, volunteers to ride in Jimmy’s place. Stephen again foiled, puts a fine wire on Blue Knot’s leg to cripple the horse, but his trick is discovered in time and Blue Knot proves such a wonderful mount that the polo fans who scouted the pony at the auction now offer fabulous sums for him.

Beatrice’s father, astonished and delighted over the wonderful pony, congratulates Jimmy and makes him an offer of business to raise polo ponies. Stephen, Jimmy’s brother, comes in for his proper punishment by being ostracized by decent society. Mr. Benefeils gives a banquet in Jimmy’s honor and announces the engagement of his daughter to Jimmy Karr. Amid the felicitations Blue Knot is brought into the dining-room by Jimmy’s friend, Elmer Boeseke, and Blue Knot comes in for his share of the honors. — Moving Picture World, June 1914, p. 1736.

Unique Occurrences:

Originally entitled "Picking a Winner." This film featured Blue Knot's owner, the two-time mayor of Santa Barbara.

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