Giants of Steel

Release Date:   7/31/1912
Distributor:   Film Supply Company
of America
Reels:   split
Brand:   American
Genre:   Documentary
Story Summary:

A series of views of Manhattan and its steel skyscrapers, its crowded streets, its skyline, etc. (MPW, 8/10/12, p.546)

In this subject are given some pictures of the great sky scrapers in NewYork. Built on steel frames, they tower, as it were, up to the skies as far as the eye can reach. Interspersed with the views of these huge buildings are a number of scenes of New York commercial life. The excitements and daily pursuits of brokers in Wall Street, the busy thoroughfares of Broadway, New York; the Great World Building, from which is shown a marvelous panorama of a busy centre, with the traffic on three of America's busiest bridges, are amongst the many features of this interesting subject. (Bioscope, 09/26/12, p. xxv)

Unique Occurrences:

Split reel with "Fight at the Mill". Though offered through American the short documentaries were likely produced by subcontractors affiliated with the Film Supply Company of America syndicate.

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