A Girl a Guard and a Garret

Release Date:   12/14/1915
Distributor:   Mutual
Reels:   1
Brand:   Beauty
Genre:   Comedy
Director:   Archer McMackin
Confirmed Cast:   Carol Holloway, John Sheehan
Story Summary:

When Martin Fowler discovers that his daughter, Jessie, is in love with a cub reporter, Fowler promptly frowns on the match. Jessie declares to her father that she and the young scribe will elope, whereupon the father engages the services of a strong man, offering the giant $500 on the condition that he keep his daughter constantly in sight and prevent her elopement with Billie. For some days the guard is vigilant and the attempted elopement with Billie. The lovers agree to meet in an out-of-way place. Jessie nimbly outruns the human watchdog and is whisked by Billie in an auto. The guard gives chase, via motorcycle and arrives at the minister's in time to tear the bride-to-be from the waiting arms of her "almost" husband. Jessie is taken home and locked in the garret where she discovers a number of compromising photographs, dealing with father's days as a gay young blade. She has an inspiration.

The telltale photographs are turned over to Billie, who in his capacity as a reporter, calls on Mr. Fowler and threatens to print the pictures. Father is wrathy and Billie calmly informs him that the pictures will be printed unless father consents to give Billie his daughter "to have and to hold". Father Fowler calls Billie's bluff and tells him to go ahead and print the pictures. Some hours later Billie returns to Jessie's father with the proof sheets of the article, highly embellished with the photographs. Relentlessly the young reporter insists that father pay his price, whereupon the minister is called and the knot is tied.

It is a bad day for father, for in addition to losing his daughter, he is forced to pay the strong man $500, which had been promised for services performed.

- Moving Picture World, December 11, 1915

Unique Occurrences:

In The Moving Picture World, December 11, 1915, p. 2078, film was mistakenly called "A Girl, a Guard, and a Carpet".

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