The Green-Eyed Monster

Release Date:   6/3/1912
Distributor:   Film Supply Company
of America
Reels:   1
Brand:   Flying A
Genre:   Western Romance
Director:   Allan Dwan
Writer:   Allan Dwan
Confirmed Cast:   Jack Kerrigan, Jessalyn Van Trump, Pauline Bush
Story Summary:

Jess loved Norman Brown, but Jess was jealous, and when Norman replied to some pleasantries from a village belle, Jess was seized by the Green-Eyed Monster. It caused a terrible lot of trouble in La Mesa and when Jess "picked up" with a tramp in the woods the town was agog with excitement.

- Moving Picture World, p.960

The green-eyed monster is jealousy, and very quickly turns into a love story. Miss Von (sic) Trump and Mr. Kerrigan have the leads. - Moving Picture World, 06/15/12, p.1028

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